• It's lonely at the top for Princess Kate
  • Meghan Markle was a close friend before her royal exit
  • Experts have weighed in on the consequences

Kate Middleton, the ever-graceful Princess of Wales, is reportedly navigating the choppy waters of royal life with a dwindling support system. Once thick as thieves with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, Kate's confidante count has taken a nosedive since Megxit.

"It's a royal rollercoaster, and Kate's riding solo!" exclaimed Duncan Larcombe, a royal author with the inside scoop.

The Duchess Drift: Meghan's Advice to Kate

Remember the days when Meghan sought Kate's sage advice on royal rigmarole? Those heart-to-hearts are history, folks! With the Sussexes' sensational swan song to American shores, the royal sisterhood has hit an iceberg, and the palace is feeling the chill.

Kate's longing for a laugh-in-the-face-of-duty buddy à la Diana and Fergie is palpable. "Kate's kingdom for a giggle partner!" Larcombe laments. The Princess is pining for a peer to share the peculiar pressures of the crown, but alas, her search continues.

All is not lost for our lonesome royal, as Jennie Bond, another royal expert, reminds us. Kate's school chums are her rock, her anchor, her "before the tiara" tribe. They're the real MVPs, keeping her grounded amidst the gilded cage of royalty.

But there are some wounds that are very tough to heal!

The Oprah interview heard 'round the world still echoes through Kensington Palace's halls. Sources whisper of Kate's heartache, branding Meghan's bombshell revelations as "the ultimate betrayal." The Duchess's wounds are deep, and forgiveness seems a far-off fairytale.

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Prince Harry's memoir 'Spare' and the Netflix docuseries have whipped up a storm, with allegations and intimate anecdotes that have the Firm in a frenzy. From wedding dress woes to brotherly battles, Harry's holding nothing back, and the palace is reeling.

In a twist of fate, King Charles' health concerns may be the olive branch the royals didn't know they needed. Harry's heartfelt words on 'Good Morning America' hint at hope for harmony. But will this be the catalyst for a family reunion, or just another chapter in the ongoing saga?