• King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer
  • The rules for his succession are precisely defined
  • Can Harry stand in for him?

The news of King Charles' (75) cancer diagnosis was a real shock. Although the monarch public again and in a good mood but some of his appointments may be canceled due to his treatment. 

Prince Harry standing in for Charles: these are the rules

As heir to the throne, Prince William (42) stands in for him at important appointments. But due to his wife Princess Kate's abdominal operation and her cancer diagnosis, he is also particularly busy in his private life. So could Charles also be represented by his son Prince Harry?

Prince Harry could theoretically be called to royal duty, as he is fifth in line to the throne and the next adult successor after William. But the likelihood of him returning to the royal role is slim, as he is no longer a working royal and would have to travel across the Atlantic.

Princess Anne and King Charles in September 2022

Also interesting:

In addition, he no longer resides in the United Kingdom, a requirement under the law for a Counsellor of State. The Counsellors of State, who act on behalf of the monarch, currently include Queen Camilla, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice.

However, in 2022, the King asked Parliament to add Princess Anne and Prince Edward to the list, as Harry and Andrew, as non-working royals, were unlikely to be called upon. The changes were quickly implemented by politicians, meaning there are now seven Counsellors of State...

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