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In a heartwarming display of familial support, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sent well-wishes to Princess Kate Middleton during her cancer ordeal. "We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace," they stated according to 'US Weekly', touching hearts worldwide!

Kate's Courageous Battle

The Princess of Wales confirmed her diagnosis on March 22, following major abdominal surgery in January. Initially believed to be noncancerous, further tests revealed the presence of cancer. The royal family has been quietly grappling with this news, seeking solace in private.

Insiders reveal that Kate's diagnosis was known last month, coinciding with Prince William's canceled appearance at a memorial service. The family chose to wait until the Easter break to inform the public, allowing their children to process the news away from the media frenzy.

Out of the Spotlight

Since her surgery, Kate has stepped back from public duties, with the palace confirming her absence until after Easter. She's been spotted only a few times, with the most recent sighting at Windsor Farm Shop, as captured by 'TMZ'.

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King Charles III's Own Health Concerns

Amidst Kate's health updates, King Charles III is also undergoing cancer treatment. Buckingham Palace has confirmed his diagnosis, with Charles commencing regular treatments while continuing to fulfill his state duties.

Despite their rocky relationship with the royal family, Harry and Meghan's gesture of support marks a significant moment. The couple, who have faced criticism since their royal exit and the release of Harry's tell-all memoir, 'Spare,' are showing that family unity transcends past grievances.

Kate's Resilience Amidst Royal Tensions

The royal family's resilience shines through as they navigate these health challenges together. Kate's strength and the support from Harry and Meghan send a powerful message of hope and unity.