• Sarah Ferguson answered questions from people who called 'This Morning'
  • There she gave advice on how to regain romance in a relationship
  • However, one expert does not completely agree

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, recently answered questions on ITV's 'This Morning'.

Sarah Ferguson Gave Very Bold Advice

When the first caller asked about how to rekindle the spark in their relationship, Ferguson gave a bold answer:

“Pop down, get some saucy underwear in your chest of drawers and blow dry the hair, and take him out on a treat, it needs to be more treats, that he’s lost for words.”

Sarah Ferguson recalls her 'Cinderella' wedding to Prince Andrew

It definitely left us speechless, however, Courtney Boyer, a relationship and sexuality expert, told 'Yahoo' that she disagrees with this advice.

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