• How is Princess Charlène doing?
  • Her husband enlightens the public on her status
  • THIS is how his wife really feels after her health problems

Princess Charlène (44) has had many difficult months in recent times. After being stuck in South Africa for a long time due to an ENT infection and being repeatedly operated on, she continued to struggle with health problems. Being one of the most beloved royals in the world, many awaited her speedy recovery.

Prince Albert gives a health update about Charlène

It wasn't long before the Princess was back. And these days, Charlène is back and showing up regularly at public events and functions. But how is she really doing? That's a question that many have asked given the severity of her health concerns. Her husband, Prince Albert (64) spoke to Monaco-Matin about the state of Princess Charlène.

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The Prince was quick to assure people that his wife is by no means a serious case anymore. He says that Charlène is "sometimes tired" and people have to "give her some time to find her way back and to take on other commitments". With that Albert hopes to calm an anxious nation. But is it really over for her health problems?

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