• Prince Philip had a sex book in his collection
  • A photographer discovered it during a photoshoot
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Every now and then, we get a glimpse into details of the private life of the Royal family and we notice that they are not too different from us in certain aspects.

Prince Philip had a sex book!

During ‘Hello!’s A Right Royal Podcast’, Julian Calder, a royal photographer, said she noticed a well-known sex book on Philip’s bookcase.

Prince Philip: All The Things He Revolutionized In The British Royal Family

She goes on to build a scene, saying she was doing a portrait of the Prince in his office:

"I'm looking through the lens, I thought 'God just behind his right ear is a book - The Joy of Sex' - and I had to say 'Prince Philip, should we move that?' And he laughed and he got his equerry to come and move it."

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