• Guido Cantz is related to Prince Albert of Monaco
  • He tells it all in his autobiography
  • According to him, he found out in 2014

Apparently, Guido Cantz has noble ancestors: He is actually a distant relative of Prince Albert of Monaco. He revealed this in his autobiography Gut feeling and trust in God. My life from 1971 until 8:15 p.m., published in 2021.

Guido Cantz is the tenth great-uncle of Prince Albert of Monaco

In it, he describes how his curiosity led him to surprising insights. "In our dining room hangs a one-meter high and two-meter wide copy of our family tree, which goes back to 1483 and ends in the last row with my grandfather's generation", explains Cantz in his book.

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Even as a child, he was always fascinated by the family tree in his grandparents' living room. As early as 2014, Guido went in search of his hidden ancestors for the TV show Vorfahren gesucht (Ancestors: Wanted!). In the process, he brought to light an exciting detail. Guido Cantz is the tenth great-uncle of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Albert's mother, US actress Grace Kelly († 52), is said to have had a Swabian ancestor named Anna Cantz, hence the connection to Guido Cantz. 

The artist jokes about this in his book: "To this day Albert -we are on first name basis- has yet to contact me." Whether the prince knows about his connection to the TV star, however, is doubtful.