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In honor of World Mental Health Day, the Prince and Princess of Wales made an appearance on the U.K. television program 'Going Home With Vick and Jordan' on Radio 1. During the show, the royal couple was asked about their plans for dinner when they returned home to Windsor.

Kate inquired playfully, "Are you going to cook?"

William replied, "No, I think it will probably be a curry tonight, don't you think?"

Kate responded, "So you're leaving it up to me?"

William explained, "It depends on what time we get back."

Kate added, "Yeah, it'll most likely be a curry or maybe teriyaki salmon, something like that."

The Radio 1 hosts, Jordan North and Vick Hope, then inquired if they preferred their curries spicy or mild.

William confessed, "I can't handle too much spice; I start sweating. It's not a good look."

Kate chimed in, saying, "On the other hand, I like it spicy, so I have to add the extra spice at the end."

The Prince And Princess Of Wales Mark World Mental Health Day - Day 1

William humorously remarked, "Kate has to ease it in gently; otherwise, I start sweating too much. It's not a pretty sight!"

This isn't the first time the couple has discussed their roles in the kitchen. In 2010, William shared with the U.K. Press Association that when he and Kate began dating, he attempted to prepare "elaborate, fancy dinners" to impress her, but "what usually happened was I would burn something, something would overflow, something would catch on fire. She would be in the background, trying to help and essentially taking control of the entire situation."

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