• Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge
  • She has become a global style and fashion icon since marrying Prince William
  • Kate has experimented with a new eyebrow tinting technique recently

Kate Middleton is known for being quite the trend-setter, and a royal lady who follows her instinct and more often than not, plays by her own rules. This is probably what attracted her husband, Prince William, to her in the first place. And now, Kate has now followed this novelty beauty trend too...

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Stylist Explains: This Is Duchess Kate's Eyebrow Trick

British magazine Hello! reports that the Duchess' eyebrows have changed quite a bit since the "James Bond" movie premiere in September 2021. Eyebrow stylist Jamie Long tells Hello! what trick the royal bombshell may have used. The secret is called eyebrow lamination, also known as "brow lifting", and it's taking the fashion industry by storm!

Watch the video above to learn more!