• Prince Harry talks about grief and loss
  • He opened up in an interview with a military wife
  • Among other things, it is about the death of his mother

Prince Harry has spoken in an emotional interview with Nikki Scott, founder of Scotty's Little Soldiers, about the loss of loved ones and the grief that comes with it. Nikki, a mother of two, founded the charity to support military families who have lost a loved one. The two shared their personal experiences and emphasized the importance of support for grieving children.

Harry's emotions on display

Nikki Scott recalled the painful moment when she had to tell her son that his father, Corporal Lee Scott, had been killed in Afghanistan. She tearfully explained to Prince Harry: "It was the worst. How do you say that to a five-year-old?"

Also interesting:

"I took him up and sat him on the bed and I said, 'Kai, do you remember where Daddy was?' and he said, 'yeah, Afghan', and I said, 'something really bad has happened and the baddies (because he used to play army) have hurt dad and he's died'..."

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