• Christmas is a big deal in the British Royal Family
  • They love to decorate their Christmas trees and homes
  • But there's one decoration you'll never see with the royals

For the British royals, Christmas is an important time of the year filled with many traditions and family time.

Like everybody else, the royals too enjoy decorating for the holiday season. But it turns out they're a little particular about it!

Of course, the royals decorate their trees and such behind closed doors. But a former royal butler has now revealed what decorations he used to see around Christmastime.

The royals love to decorate, but one item is off limits...

Grant Harrold, former butler to King Charles and Queen Camilla, told the Mirror that one decoration you'll never see from the royals is: tinsel!

"Everybody gets the tinsel but if you go to a royal home, it is a lot more greenery, baubles and lights, not tinsel," Harrold told the Mirror.

Also interesting:

So, it sounds like tinsel might be a bit showy for the royals! "Don't overdo it with the tinsel," the royal butler warned.

The royals traditionally spend Christmas in Sandringham, where there's sure to be plenty of decorations.

Just don't expect to see any tinsel in those royal Christmas pictures!

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