• The final season of The Crown will be filmed soon
  • The cast is already chosen
  • THEY are set to play Prince William and Duchess Kate

The Crown is entering its final season. The sixth season of the successful Netflix series will primarily deal with royal life at the end of the 1990s. The roles of Prince William and Duchess Kate have now been cast – by acting newcomers.

The Crown actors for Prince William and Duchess Kate have been confirmed

The Crown has found its actors for Prince William and Duchess Kate. The future King is played by two newcomers. Rufus Kampa (16) will play William as a teenager, Ed McVey (21) as a young adult.

According to Variety, it's their first major role for both of them, as they've mostly done theater so far. Kate's actress Meg Bellamy (19) is also new to the business. All actors are looking forward to the new challenge, as Ed announces on Instagram.

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"Gunna be an amazing shoot can’t wait to learn all I can," the actor wrote in his announcement. William and Kate's love story is likely to play a big role as they met while studying in Scotland in 2001.

Other actors have also been confirmed. Imelda Staunton (66) will be seen as Queen Elizabeth II, Dominic West (52) will play Prince Charles, and Elizabeth Debicki (32) remains as Lady Diana.