Ahead of Remembrance Day, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan made a surprise visit to military families for an unexpected cup of coffee this Wednesday, showing their support for those service men and women who are away from their loved ones. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex posted sweet images of the occasion where they surprised the group at their regular weekly meet-up, held for families at Windsor's Broom Farm Community Center. 

This is what happened during Harry and Meghan's surprise visit to military families

During the surprise visit the royal mum revealed that baby Archie, who turned six months old this week, is starting to crawl! She used the occasion to exchange parenting tips with other couples in regards of teething, sleeping, and crawling.

Meanwhile Prince Harry empathized with service personnel who are away from their families and children: "I can't imagine what it's like to miss so much as they change so quickly," said the Duke of Sussex.

This is why Duchess Camilla didn't attend the Remembrance Day ceremony on November 7th

After two years of solo appearances, Harry was joined by his wife Meghan at the Field of Remembrance service held at Westminster Abbey on November 7th, where former service men and women usually plant a cross carrying a personal message honouring those who lost their lives in action. The first time the event took place in 1928, only two crosses were planted; as of today there are roughly 70,000.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were set to be joined by Duchess Camilla at the annual event that is part of the Remembrance Day ceremonies today, November 7th. However, the Duchess of Cornwall was not able to attend the event due to a chest infection. 

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