Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan's (37) firstborn will be arriving any day now and with Harry set to be a parent, fans have been offered a rare insight into Harry's relationship with his mother, Princess Diana.  

The Duke of Sussex is "so excited" for his and Meghan's first baby!

Prince Harry "Will Make The Most Wonderful Father", Says Family Friend

A very special piece of paper: Prince Harry's note from Princess Diana

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Carolyn Robb (53), who worked as a personal chef for Princess Diana at Kensington Palace from 1989 onwards, revealed that Prince Harry was allowed to eat mini treacle tarts for breakfast when he was young. As Harry loved the tarts so much she used to keep a back-up batch in the freezer at all times for him. One day, Harry visited the kitchen asking for a treacle tart bearing a note written by Princess Diana stating, "Mummy says it's okay!".

These were Prince Harry and Prince William's favourite foods when they were young

Carolyn also revealed in the interview that both Prince William (36) and Prince Harry (34) were "very easy to cook for" as they "loved simple things" like salads and shuffles. However, they also both had a very sweet tooth and so she would sneak biscuits and flapjacks into their school lunchboxes.