• Sarah Ferguson, Princess Kate and Sophie of Wessex share this same hobby
  • The three have dedicated a lot to their passion, for several years
  • Her work is even used by the royal family on a professional basis

Through publications by the royal family and its affiliates, we know that Prince George and Wolfie, stepson of Princess Beatrice, have great artistic talents with a pencil or brush.

HER works shown on Twitter

Given that several members of the royal family are involved in the arts, such as the large number of paintings by King Charles that go up for auction, it would not be unusual for each member to have an art form in their blood.

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Even Prince Harry with his book is a kind of art because writing requires imagination and dedication to express yourself correctly and create an image for the reader. In addition, these three women have proven to be great mothers to their children, so we know that they are capable of great things.

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