• Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals
  • One author sees a dangerous parallel to King Edward
  • The abdicated king and his wife Wallis Simpson were not happy

Was the decision of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, to turn their back on the British royal family a correct one? The royal author Tom Quinn doubts this, and is now sharing his great concern with the 'Express': "My fear is that Harry will become like Edward VIII and Meghan will become like Mrs. Simpson."

Author sees parallels in Harry and Meghan and Edward and Wallis

King Edward VIII (†77) also abdicated for his love of Mrs. Wallis Simpson († 89). She was middle-class, twice divorced and very unpopular in the royal family. After Edward's abdication, the couple fled England and went to live in France.

The problem that connects Edward and Wallis with Harry and Meghan, according to Tom Quinn, is the recurring theme, "how badly they were treated". Edward and Wallis were also happy at first because this topic had given them attention.

But Quinn sees a potential problem. "When you can't say that anymore, when you can't do films and interviews about how badly you've been treated, what do you do?", Quinn wonders.

Author warns Harry must “find something positive that people are interested in”

The author explains the situation of the abdicated king in the 1930s in more detail: “They lived in that beautiful house in France, but we know they were desperately unhappy – Edward VIII was a bit like King Lear, giving away all his power but somehow thinking he can still wield power through his children . And I think that when Edward VIII abdicated and went to France he thought he would still be an important figure.”

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A few generations later, their story would now repeat itself: "And he was for a while, just as Meghan and Harry have a certain importance now because they're getting so much coverage and so much commentary about them," Quinn says.

"But that will fade, and unless they can pull away from all the negativity and find something positive that people are interested in, they will become as insignificant as Edward VIII became insignificant and very unhappy." A strong warning from Tom Quinn!