• Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011
  • Many stars were on hand for the royal wedding
  • Here are the big names who attended the big day

Prince William and Duchess Kate's wedding was broadcast on television, radio and internet in more than 180 countries. In addition to worldwide applause, many famous celebrities also attended the ceremony.

William and Kate's wedding guest list was star-studded

Here are the stars that attended William and Kate's wedding. British actor and comedian, Rowan Atkinson, famous for bringing one of the most iconic characters of English television to life, "Mr. Bean", delighted the couple with his presence.

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What year did William and Kate get married?

Well-known former soccer player, current president and co-owner of Inter Miami, David Beckham, also attended. And of course his wife, singer and model, Victoria, was invited to the grand celebration between the prince and Kate.

And when we talk about singers, we can't forget the family's good friend, Sir Elton John. The well-known composer attended with his partner, Canadian filmmaker, David Furnish...

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