• Princess Kate sends a subtle message to Charles
  • The relationship between the two is stronger now
  • It has to do with Charles' grandmother

Princess Kate is very careful with her actions and attire, as it recently came to light that Kate was wearing much more trouser outfits to send a message. But now, during a special event, she wore a dress and jewelry with a message.

Kate Gave A Subtle Message

At the banquet at Buckingham Palace during the South Korean state visit, Kate wore a very particular piece of jewelry. According to Express, the Strathmore Rose tiara was originally worn by the Queen Mother, grandmother of King Charles, in the 1930s.


It was a wedding gift given to her by her father, the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. The tiara had not been worn by anyone since the Queen Mother wore it, sending a subtle sign of respect to King Charles.

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