• Pre-royal Meghan Markle was a star actress
  • She was best known as "Rachel" on Suits
  • Watch the video to see her in Suits season 1

In 2011, the first episodes of Suits were filmed in the Canadian city of Toronto. For Meghan Markle, the role of the helpful paralegal "Rachel" was her big break in show business. 

Meghan Markle Got Her TV Break On Suits In 2011

She celebrated her 30th birthday while filming the first season of Suits. Find out what Meghan Markle looked like in our video!

Duchess Meghan: How She Looked In The First Season Of 'Suits'

Meghan impressed back then just like she does now, with a natural beauty that does not require a lot of make-up.

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Watch the video above to see more of Meghan in Suits season 1, long before she married Prince Harry! It was definitely one of her best roles.