• Kate's shopping video polarizes royal fans
  • There could be a certain message behind it
  • Is that what Kate and William are trying to tell us?

Britain and the world were thrilled to see Princess Kate (42) smiling and lively for the first time since mid-January. Footage published by 'The Sun' shows the future Queen walking quickly with a shopping bag and chatting animatedly with her husband on Saturday afternoon.

But what is the message behind this unusual video?

Shopping video of Kate should calm you down

In fact, the shopping video is intended to provide reassurance: the images refute bizarre rumors that are being spread online about Princess Kate - including allegations that she had died, been replaced by a double or that her marriage was in trouble.

A royal insider puts it in a nutshell for the British 'Telegraph': "Finally, everyone can calm down." The Princess wanted people to see her, says Jack Royston, chief royal affairs correspondent for 'Newsweek':

"They weren't born yesterday. They do understand that they are at the centre of a massive international news story. They must have been comfortable with the risk of being photographed."

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Is Kate really in the video?

But it's not that easy to reassure royal fans. Some doubt that the video is of the real Kate. But Jack Royston points out Fans expressing doubts about the video of Kate sharply:

"It is so obviously Kate in the footage. She's recovering from surgery and has no make-up on. She could do a DNA test and people wouldn't believe it's her."

Kate's return to royal duties

It was also revealed on Tuesday that the British royal family is accelerating plans to bring the Princess of Wales back to her full royal duties as soon as possible - now that she is apparently on the mend.