• Princess Kate wears glamorous dresses 
  • She employs a few clever tricks 
  • We reveal what Kate wears under her clothes and why

Every aspect of her outfits is meticulously planned, down to the tiniest detail. Just recently, Kate looked impeccable in a 3,600 euro ensemble. Princess Kate is undoubtedly a style icon, and for her, everything, including what she wears beneath her clothes, must be on point. To prevent any potential wardrobe mishaps, royals like Kate employ a few discreet tactics.

THIS is what Princess Kate wears under her clothes

Kate has mastered the art of avoiding any accidental underwear exposure. Together with her stylists, she dedicates careful consideration to what the Princess wears beneath her sophisticated attire. The choice of snug undergarments and discreet shapewear is a deliberate strategy aimed at guaranteeing that Kate's underwear remains entirely concealed.

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In an interview with 'The Sun', Myka Meier, a royal etiquette expert, explains the choice of fabrics used for this purpose. These materials are known to generate static charge when they come into contact with the dress, causing the shapewear to adhere to the dress.

Every detail is meticulously planned in advance, ensuring that even unexpected gusts of wind pose no threat to the wife of Prince William. The secret behind the Princess's perpetually flawless appearance is surprisingly straightforward. She prioritizes the coordination of undergarments and shapewear to eliminate the risk of any inadvertent wardrobe mishaps. Undoubtedly, this stands as one of the most effective beauty hacks in the realm of royalty.

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The royal family employs various clever techniques that have proven remarkably effective. For example, weights were discreetly incorporated into the hem of Queen Elizabeth II's dresses to maintain their impeccable positioning!