The royals and their driving habits have been put under a media microscope over the last few days thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh's car accident last Friday. After the initial concern for Prince Philip, he once again made headlines when he was photographed out driving just two days after the accident not wearing a seatbelt

The Queen was seen driving her Range Rover just one day after Prince Philip's accident and is clearly comfortable behind the wheel of a car. What many people don't know however, is that her ease behind a steering wheel probably has something to do with Queen Elizabeth's stint in the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War. Her Majesty trained as a driver and mechanic, learning to rebuild engines and drive ambulances and trucks and, thanks to her hard work, she was promoted to honorary junior commander in 1945. 

Royal Protocol for The Queen to be Chauffeured

According to royal protocol, the Queen has to be chauffeured to most royal engagements, but likes to take to the wheel whenever she can, which she can do in spite of not owning a driver's license. In the United Kingdom driver's licenses are issued in the Queen's name and so it would make little sense for her to issue one to herself. As well as not ever having had to pass a driving test she is also allowed to drive without a number plate.    

They met when Elizabeth was just thirteen years old

It's the Queen and Prince Philip's 71st wedding anniversary today!