• Kate Middleton has been embattled in controversy
  • Her latest outing is rumored to be a fake
  • Andy Cohen has stoked the flames too

Bravo's Andy Cohen and royal watchers ignite a #FakeKate storm on social media, while the Princess's recent low profile post-surgery adds fuel to the speculative fire.

Royal Riddle: Is That You, Kate?

You won't believe your eyes! The Princess of Wales, our beloved Kate Middleton, was spotted out and about in leggings and a sweatshirt, but fans are crying foul! "That ain't Kate…" tweets Bravo's Andy Cohen, and the Twittersphere is exploding with #FakeKate hashtags!

Our royal radar is off the charts! The Sun captures Kate and Wills shopping like any other couple, but hold on – is it really them? "They should've just paid Steven Spielberg to fake a video of Kate," tweets one skeptic.

The plot thickens as Kate's recent absence from the public eye since her abdominal surgery in January adds mystery to the mix.

The Princess's Mother's Day photo blunder – so edited that it got a "kill notice" – hasn't helped silence the doubters. Kate's apology for the editing mishap only stirs more whispers. Is the Palace playing Photoshop tricks, or is Kate simply embracing her casual side?

While the royal couple seemed "healthy and happy," according to a 'Sun' spy, the internet isn't buying it. From Christmas to Easter, Kate's public appearances have been as rare as a royal scandal-free year.

Also interesting:

But fear not, royal fans, the Princess assures us she'll be back in her regal role by Easter. Until then, we'll keep our eyes peeled for the real Kate – or her doppelgänger!