Nobody's perfect and that even includes some of the world's most experienced leaders.

Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted Denmark's Queen Margrethe II in Berlin. And things got off on the wrong foot — or hand, perhaps — as the pair had a rather awkward introduction.

Awkward: Merkel and Queen Margrethe's... fist bump?

As the Danish Queen emerged from a car, Merkel met her with a proposed fist bump — a greeting gesture adopted by some during the pandemic.

But the Queen leaned in and appeared to reject it, instead offering a warm hand to her chest, which Merkel then quickly followed. Here's the video.

"Queens don't give fist bumps," Germany's DW News humorously captioned the video. But many are also saying seriously that Merkel made a faux pas by trying to fist bump a reigning monarch.

We'll give her the benefit of the doubt since COVID has even complicated everyday greetings. The Danish royal is on a four-day visit to Germany with her son Crown Prince Frederik, so Merkel also has plenty of time to redeem herself after the awkward intro.