• Princess Madeleine of Sweden lives in the US
  • She typically visits in the summer but hasn't this year
  • Why the confusion on Madeleine's trip to Sweden?

Princess Madeleine usually spends the summer in her native Sweden, but this year she postponed her visit. Together with her husband Chris O'Neill and their three children, the Swedish royal now lives in the US state of Florida.

Madeleine was expected to travel to Sweden before the end of June, for the occasion of the national holiday on June 6 and her 40th birthday on June 10. However, she chose to spend her birthday in her adopted home, the United States.

Is Princess Madeleine still visiting Sweden in 2022?

According to her schedule, Princess Madeleine should be in Sweden at the end of June. Together with her husband and son Prince Nicolas, she is actually expected at the inauguration of a discovery park in the region of Ångermanland.

Also interesting:

Margaretha Thorgen, head of information of the Swedish court, told the media that Madeleine and her family would travel to Sweden during the month of July. 

If Madeleine doesn't make it to Sweden until July, the fate of her discovery park event is uncertain. Hopefully she will arrive in Sweden in time for Princess Victoria's birthday on July 14.

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