• The Romanov dynasty ruled Russia for centuries
  • The family's reign ended in the revolution of 1917
  • This is what happened to the Romanov family

What is the true story of the last Romanovs and their tragic fate? The Romanovs are probably the longest ruling royal family. For 305 years to be exact. 

The history of this dynasty began and ended in a similar way, with the first and the last Romanov living in exile and during the most turbulent moments of Russian history. Both Mikhail, in 1613, and Alexei, in 1918, were abruptly awakened early one morning. Mikhail was awoken to become the first tsar of Russia, Alexei was awakened to die. Why?

The Romanov dynasty came to a violent end

Since the 19th century, the popularity of the monarchy in Russia began to decline. The last Russian emperors focused on maintaining the autocratic order, which only benefited the royals while the people were plunged into absolute misery.

The nonconformity of the people had already taken the life of one tsar, Nicholas II's grandfather, Alexander II, who was assassinated in what was called the first Russian Revolution. 

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Nicholas was not a great strategist and even after his father's death, he confessed that he did not feel prepared to take on the role of Tsar of Russia.

In the February Revolution of 1917, Nicholas was forced to abdicate in favor of his brother, who cleverly did not accept and fled the country.

The Provisional Government imprisoned Nicholas, Alexandra and their five children who were sent to a palace in Tobolsk where they were allowed to continue their luxurious lifestyle...

Watch the video above to learn the tragic fate of the Romanovs.