• Planning for King Charles' death
  • The details of Operation Menai Bridge
  • This is what happens when he dies

King Charles (75) has been diagnosed with cancer. The monarch has already begun the Cancer treatment and is positive according to Buckingham Palace.

However, plans are already being made for his death. In Great Britain, it is customary for each monarch to have a predetermined funeral, mourning period and other ceremonies after their death. 

After King Charles' death: What happens at Operation Menai Bridge

For King Charles, these plans are codenamed Operation Menai Bridge. This was not only to pass on the news of the monarch's death to important people without attracting attention, but it was also the collective name for all the plans. 

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In fact, the planning for Charles' death began almost at the same time as his accession to the throne following the death of his mother, the Queen. The plans include a mourning period of over a week, after which the funeral will take place. 

First, the family members and important political figures are informed of the King's death, then a notice is hung on the palace gate and the flags are flown at half-mast.  

The details of Charles' funeral are not known, but there could be a large memorial service with important personalities from all over the world, similar to that for his mother. 

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As soon as King Charles dies, Prince William becomes King. However, his official coronation does not take place until a few months later. After his father's death, he would give a speech soon after, commemorating Charles and talking about his forthcoming reign. 

Should she live longer than him, his wife, Queen Camilla, will be known as Queen Dowager after Charles' death. She would have no influence on the monarchy itself, but would only continue to play a representative role for the royal family.