• Elizabeth Hurley addresses Prince Harry's rumors
  • Hurley mentions fan theories
  • Regarding Prince Harry's virginity

Imagine the scene: whispers abound, the internet is abuzz, and the question on everyone's lips - "Is Elizabeth Hurley the mysterious 'older woman' in Prince Harry's steamy memoir?" Fans and theorists alike were convinced they'd cracked the code, but Hurley's latest revelation has thrown cold water on the fiery speculation.

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Hurley hits back: "Ludicrous!"

With the poise and wit she's known for, Elizabeth Hurley laughed off the rumors on Andy Cohen's show. "That was ludicrous!" she exclaimed, dismantling the theory with a comparison as ridiculous as the rumor itself: "It was like saying, 'He's great-looking. He's American.' Oh, it's Andy Cohen." Her humor and candor in addressing the gossip have fans applauding and chuckling along.

Despite being photographed with royals like King Charles and Prince William, Hurley made it crystal clear: she and Prince Harry have never met. This revelation adds another layer of absurdity to the rumor, highlighting the sometimes-fantastical nature of celebrity gossip.

Prince Harry's "inglorious episode"

Prince Harry's memoir, "Spare," describes his first sexual encounter as less than fairy-tale-like, with an "older woman" who treated him "not unlike a young stallion." The encounter, as Harry recounts, was quick, awkward, and took place behind a busy pub - a far cry from the glamorous liaisons fans might imagine.

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