• Kate and William have traveled to the United States
  • George, Charlotte and Louis are not there
  • This is the reason for their journey

Kate and William in the US: Where are George, Charlotte and Louis? 

December 2, 2022

Duchess Kate (40) has been there since Wednesday and recently took everyone's breath away, and Prince William (40) while in Boston, took the opportunity to market their environmental award. Today they will return home - to the delight of their three children.

Kate and William: THAT'S WHY the kids couldn't come

Kate and William's children have two weeks of school left before Christmas break. So it was of course impossible for them to accompany their parents on the trip to the USA.

Also interesting:

The journey is very dear to the hearts of the Prince and Princess of Wales. They are presenting the £1million Environmental Prize to one of the organizations working to find solutions for climate change.

Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) attend Lambrook School in England. The Christmas holidays will soon begin for the royal children. The little ones will then be able to spend time with their parents until January 11th.

Of course, Kate and William have made sure that their children are in the best of hands during their absence. Their Nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Burrallowill takes good care of the trio.