• Princess Charlène danced the Macarena
  • She and Albert got down with the rythm
  • They were at a rugby tournament and HERE's what happened

It was truly a sight to see for all fans of the royal couple who have been worried about them for the last little while. They attended the Sainte Devote rugby tournament with their twins and other family members and enjoyed spending time with the young athletes. 

This royal couple knows how to get down!

Princess Charlene of Monaco dancing the Macarena

There was a surprise after the game: the athletes asked the royal couple to dance the popular dance Macarena with them, and Princess Charlène and Prince Albert did it! This was unusual for the otherwise very regal couple, but they both took it in stride.

Also interesting:

The former swimmer could hardly stop laughing after the performance. This display should calm the Monegasque people after the past few months of speculation... 

Watch the video above to learn more!