• Royals have rebellious phases like the rest of us
  • Harry is not the only one who has decided to leave royalty
  • One royal was imprisoned for 10 months for assault

Royalty has always been seen as an example of proper etiquette and behaviour, but the truth is that not all princes fit this mold. Throughout history, there have been several princes who have defied the rules and have been involved in public scandals.

Real scandals

From parties and reckless behaviour to trouble with the law and dismissals from the title, these princes have done everything but be boring! In this article, we introduce you to some of the most rebellious royal princes, those who have defied expectations and left their mark on history.

Prince Harry at an event in Cardiff, in 2018.

In addition to Harry, two more royals from the British royal family have been involved in minor scandals and three more royals from the European and Mediterranean houses have caused stirs of the same magnitude as Harry's papers.

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