• Prince Harry has released several media with private information from the royal family
  • This has made him less popular over time
  • Now he is even less popular than Prince Andrew

All royals have a few quirks here and there that make them unacceptable to the British public, but certain royals were almost always way up there in the rankings depending on the age group being asked.

Harry, Meghan and Andrew down

It really made sense, as young people preferred William, Kate, Harry, and even Meghan even though she was not very high on the list; while the older people preferred King Charles, Camilla, Anne and Edward.

Prince Harry always attracts attention wherever he appears. 

Those who were always at the bottom of the list were Prince Andrew because of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, and Camilla or Meghan depending on the group, because of the drama that surrounded them. The one who was never bottom of any list was Prince Harry, who surpassed his wife and now even Andrew.

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