Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall have tested negative for COVID-19 while demonstrating a new rapid test and passport system.

The royals took part in the test to show the efficiency of the process, which delivers test results in under 10 minutes. The result is then transferred to a mobile phone "health passport" that verifies that someone in public has tested negative.

Zara & Mike Tindall's COVID-19 test could get fans to live sports

The Tindalls are ambassadors of tech company VST Enterprises Ltd., which is behind the new test and passport system. They hope to implement it toward rapid and widespread testing for live sporting events, as part of the Fans Are Back initiative. 

Mike, a former English rugby star, and Zara, an equestrian, demonstrated the test in an educational video (seen above) by VSTE. In the video, the royals are seen as they receive blood tests and are quickly met with two negatives — which they display on their mobile V-Health Passports.

Mike and Zara offer hope to rugby and equestrian world

Zara, daughter of Princess Anne, and husband Mike championed the test in the video. "What this does is give people who use the V-Health Passport system confidence that the people around them are also doing the same thing in a sporting event and have tested negative. Ultimately it’s about getting the fans back safely into major sporting events," Tindall said.

Zara and Mike Tindall in 2019.

Zara added: "This is a really exciting new technology that has such great potential for the equestrian world. For riders, who are traveling all over the country, and to other countries, this gives reassurance that they have been tested and are negative for Covid."

According to Hello!, the Tindalls travelled from their Gloucestershire home to Scotland to visit the Queen at Balmoral Castle shortly after the shoot of the health video. Fans Are Back is presenting the program demonstrated by the couple to the U.K. goverment.

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