Midas Man is an upcoming music film about Brian Epstein, best known as the manager of the Beatles.

And while the film focuses on Epstein — often called "The Fifth Beatle" — the Fab Four will appear in the movie, too. The band members have now been cast and there's a first image of them in character.

Midas Man: Cast revealed for new Beatles, Epstein movie

Midas Man is set in the early 1960s, when the Beatles were in their earliest days and working with Epstein, their first manager. Here's the look at the actors in the film:

The Beatles actors are: Jonah Lees as Lennon, Blake Richardson as McCartney, Leo Harvey-Elledge as Harrison, and Campbell Wallace as Starr. Up close, the casting is pretty on point.

Actor Jonah Lees is John Lennon in new Beatles film Midas Man.

In addition to its younger stars, Midas Man has also cast some A-list names. Emily Watson will play Brian Epstein's mother, and talk show host Jay Leno will portray TV legend Ed Sullivan.

Meanwhile, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd stars as Epstein, the famed British music manager who died young in 1967 after quickly mounting a successful career.

Blake Richardson is Paul McCartney in new Beatles film Midas Man.

Midas Man doesn't have a release date at this time, but it's still shooting into next year, so it may not hit screens until late 2022 or beyond.

It's the latest Beatles news, after Peter Jackson's documentary Get Back debuted this month. John Lennon's sons attended the premiere, and you can click here to see their reunion after the event.

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