BBC's Peaky Blinders is currently running and we already have five burning questions following the season 5 finale. Let's take a couple of seconds to see what has happened.

"Thomas" (Cillian Murphy) plans to kill "Sir Oswald Mosley" (Sam Claflin) during a public speech and he seems to have everything under control as "Mosley" is completely clueless, but just when he is about to get another win under his belt something went wrong. "Mosley" actually survives the speech... but "Aberama" (Aidan Gillen) does not, leaving "Thomas" defeated and also without knowing who was the one who actually defeated him.

What happened to "Tommy's" plan? Did someone betray him?

Question number 1: Apparently someone leaked "Tommy's" plan to kill "Mosley," but how, where, and why did that happen? Our first guess would be that one of the characters -unintentionally- revealed information that was not supposed to be said in front of someone.

But this only takes us to our second question which is: Was "Tommy" betrayed by a friend of family member? It could actually be the case that somebody betrayed him consciously, and although we are still wondering who, we can't stop thinking about "Michael" (Finn Cole,) who has actually betrayed "Thomas" in the past because it is well known that he wants to replace him.

"Michael" has a new wife and she is quite mysterious. Who is she?

As stated before, we have five specific questions about the season 5 finale and the third one is related to "Michael's" wife (Anya Taylor-Day.) What we know so far about her is that she comes from the United States and that she doesn't like "Tommy" at all.

Also it is evident that she knows "Mosley" and fans were wondering if she has some sort of connection to the Capone family - let's not forget that the idea of "Al Capone" becoming part of the show is something that fans have been talking about lately.

What do we know about "Billy Grade"?

Another intriguing character is "Billy" (Emmett J. Scanlan) and we also have questions about him. Although some details regarding his background are still a mystery, one thing we know is that he is a former professional soccer player who now sings for a living. Let's keep in mind that "Arthur Shelby" (Paul Anderson) wants him to be part of the Peaky Blinders gang, so we have to wait and see if that actually happens. 

Last but not least: What will happen to "Polly"?

It is well known that "Polly" (Helen McCrory) is one of the more crucial characters in the Peaky Blinders' storyline, as she is one of the strongest figures within the family business. But what will "Tommy" do now that he has been betrayed? It seems that "Polly" is no longer supporting him and the fact that she has resigned also makes us wonder what her future will hold. Will she reconsider that position in the name of revenge now that "Aderama" has died?

The only way of getting the answers to all of our questions is by staying tuned. Steven Knight's crime drama television show premiered on BBC back in 2013, and after 5 seasons, the series creator announced that they "are definitely doing six and will probably do seven."