5 TV Shows That Were Saved By Fans

August 12, 2019 - 16:54 / Administrator User

Don't mess with a fan's favorite series! Many series have been in danger to be cancelled, but when their loyal fans take action and do whatever it takes to avoid that, like sending letters or signing petitions, the chance for the series to be saved can be pretty big! Check out this video to discover the 5 series that were saved by their fans!

TV series come and go, some keep rolling until 10 seasons and others don´t even make it to a second. It all depends sometimes, by the fans. We made a list of some series that were saved by the love of their fans or even got a reboot, it takes time and dedication to make it happen but nothing can beat a strong love for a show. We found out that the show Kim Possible got a third season because the fans reached Disney with petitions, letters and online campaigns. Want to know the rest of the series who made it? Watch the video here! 

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