• Many great historical epics have been made
  • They stand the test of time
  • Here are six you have to see

Historical films that still remain great

'Quo Vadis' was released in 1951 with Peter Ustinov in the leading role of "Emperor Nero". The film was nominated for a total of eight Oscars; reason enough to dive into the monumental film!

Actor Charlton Heston became world famous in his role of "Ben Hur" in the film of the same name, and even received an Oscar for his performance. The legendary classic flickered across cinema screens in 1959, but is still very popular today. 'Ben Hur' set a record at the Oscars: the film received the prestigious award eleven times in total.

Award-winning films from long ago

The desert epic 'Lawrence of Arabia' made Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif world famous. In 1963 the film won seven Oscars.

The historical film 'Cleopatra' was released in 1963 and starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. A year later, 'Cleopatra' won four Oscars.

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Kirk Douglas starred in 'Spartacus' in 1960. This film also won four Oscars.

The biblical epic 'The Ten Commandments' was released in 1956. Charlton Heston played the leading role of "Moses" and the film was nominated for seven Oscars.