• New favourite for the 'James Bond' movies
  • James Norton is set to become the new 007 agent
  • Insiders seem sure

Will James Norton be the new "James Bond"? The British betting company 'Coral' has identified the 37-year-old actor as the number one favourite to succeed Daniel Craig (55) in the role of 007.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Henry Cavill are on the list of the possible candidates. Producer Michael G. Wilson is primarily looking for a 30-something man with acting experience, according to 'Deadline'.

James Norton has made a name for himself primarily through his roles in the British television series 'Happy Valley' and 'Grantchester'. He has also taken part in major Hollywood productions such as 'Rush' and 'Little Women'.

Privately, Norton has been engaged to his fellow actress Imogen Poots since 2022. They have been a couple since 2018.

Imogen Poots and James Norton

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James Norton: could he be the new Bond?

It could be a long time before production of the 26th Bond film begins. So far there is no script. Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson want an actor who will be available for several 'Bond' films and will shape a new era for Agent 007. 

James Norton could become that someone: "We have seen a strong surge of support for James Norton in our Bond successor betting and as such he is the new favourite to replace Daniel Craig as 007," says a spokesman for the betting provider 'Coral', quoted by 'Mirror'.