Yes, Adele is back. After months of rumors and expectations, the British singer will return to the stage this week as a guest host of the comedy show Saturday Night Live on NBC. Although the "Hello" singer will reportedly not present new music during her appearance on the show next Saturday, her presence in itself is relevant as it marks her return to public life after a controversial transformation in her image and more than three years of not performing live concerts.

Adele will return to the stage with Saturday Night Live

Through her official Instagram account, the famous singer Adele shared with her followers the announcement of her upcoming appearance on SNL, which also marks her first appearance as host.

"I’m so excited about this!! And also absolutely terrified," the Oscar and Grammy winner wrote. "My first ever hosting gig and for SNL of all things!!!! I’ve always wanted to do it as a stand alone moment, so that I could roll up my sleeves and fully throw myself into it, but the time has never been right."

"But if there was ever a time for any of us to jump head first into the deep end with our eyes closed and hope for the best it’s 2020 right?", she said on her post.

Adele's return to Saturday Night Live

Although the return of the singer has already ignited the networks, exciting her followers and fans about the possibility of using the show to present new music, is highly unlikely since Adele will be limited to participating in the comedy sections, while the singer H.E.R. will act as the musical guest.

Adele in the press room at the Oscars in 2013.

"I am besides myself that H.E.R will be the musical guest!! I love her SO much I can’t wait to melt into a flaming hot mess when she performs, then confuse myself while I laugh my arse off in between it all," wrote the singer of "Rolling in the Deep".

It is worth mentioning that Adele's return to Saturday Night Live is really significant for the singer, since she debuted on the show more than 12 years ago, boosting her career in the United States. Catch Adele hosting SNL on October 24th on NBC.