A live-action Aladdin is set for a sequel

Following the 1$ billion box office worldwide haul, Disney has set out to make another live-action Aladdin

The project is still in its early stages of production, and Disney is still working on what direction to take the new film.

It is also believed that Disney will reach out to Will Smith, Mena Massoud, and Naomi Scott to reprise their roles; however, production will wait until a script is finalized before making any official offers.

Will Smith, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud attend the VIP Screening of "Aladdin" with Jordanian Royal Family, as part of the "Aladdin" Magic Carpet World Tour.

Disney has reportedly decided to work with screenwriters John Gatins (who penned Real Steel and Power Rangers) and Andrea Berloff (who earned an Oscar nom for her work on the screenplay for Straight Outta Compton), after hearing hundreds of pitches.


Despite having two sequels of the original animated film, it is reported that the live-action will not follow that story line. 

When asked about the possibility of another Aladdin, Massoud said that, if it happens, it wouldn't be an adaptation of anything fans had seen before.

Mena Massoud attends the premiere of Disney's Aladdin.

"I don't think it will be Return of Jafar, but I think there's a possibility of a sequel, yes," he stated. "I think they should do one just about the animals. Like, Abu, Raja, Iago and the carpet all get together. Throwing it out there!"

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