Nothing can stop a star the size of Anne Hathaway, not even a global pandemic. According to Deadline, the Oscar winner is in final negotiations to become the star of the film Lockdown, a romantic comedy/heist film set entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doug Liman, responsible for hits like Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014), will direct the film. Here is everything we know about Lockdown.

Anne Hathaway to star in film set during COVID-19 pandemic

With just over a year after her last big-screen appearance, Anne Hathaway is planning her return to the set even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Anne Hathaway at the premiere of the series 'Modern Love', in 2019.

Deadline was the first site to report that the actress from Les Misérables (2012) and The Princess Diaries (2001) is negotiating the final details to star in Lockdown, where the only known details are that it will be a heist movie with romantic undertones.

Steven Knight, creator of the series Peaky Blinders, See, and Taboo wrote the script. Irish actor Cillian Murphy - best known for his collaboration with director Christopher Nolan on films such as Inception (2010), Dunkirk (2017), and The Dark Knight (2008) - could also appear in the film.

Lockdown: Doug Liman's new project

According to news outlets, the film would begin filming at the end of the month, interrupting the plans of filmmaker Doug Liman, who is currently preparing a film with Tom Cruise that will be filmed in space.

Doug Liman at the Japanese premiere of 'Edge of Tomorrow' in 2014.

Unlike Cruise's project, Lockdown will be shot on a limited budget of $10 million and under conditions strictly keeping with COVID-19 precautions and restrictions.

It is expected that Lockdown will begin filming later this month with hopes to premiere in the first months of 2021.

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