The Avatar crew is back in New Zealand and producer Jon Landau revealed to 1News that production has resumed on the sequels at the start of the week. The crew were actually granted an exemption based on economic grounds to bypass the country's border rules. For now, New Zealand is still keeping its borders closed for everyone else to keep COVID-19 out.

Director James Cameron, Landau and a small crew already entered the country two weeks ago to get everything ready and have been in quarantine ever since. "No one left their rooms. We couldn't intermingle with each other, let alone go outside," Landau said to 1News.

Jon Landau: "We're going to spend [...] over $70 million here."

In his interview with 1News, Landau said: "This one production alone is going to hire 400 New Zealanders to work on it. We're going to spend, in the next five months alone, over $70 million here."

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"We submitted a formal letter to Minister (Phil) Twyford's office requesting permission to come down. We would have waited... a week to finally hear back that it looked like it was going to work," Landau said.