• "Kensi" and "Deeks" at NCIS: LA want a baby
  • In a new case, they find an abandoned child
  • Will the two agents finally become parents?

On NCIS: LA, "Kensi" (Daniela Ruah) and "Deeks" (Eric Christian Olsen) have been trying to become parents for a while. So far it hasn't worked out, but an NCIS baby could be on the way.

NCIS: LA: "Kensi" and "Deeks" find an abandoned baby

It's still a few episodes away, but details have emerged about an upcoming NCIS: LA case. In the March 13 episode, the team finds a newborn baby abandoned on a Navy ship.

"Kensi" and "Deeks" immediately go in search of the mother, who is in grave danger. We'll have to see if the agents can find her in time.

Also interesting:

It looks like the mother's life could be at risk. Seeing as "Kensi" and "Deeks" have been unable to have kids, fans are wondering if they could end up as foster parents for the little one.

We'll have to wait to see how it all plays out. NCIS: LA returns on Feb. 27 and — finally — airs more episodes on March 6 and the baby case on March 13.

Fun fact: "Kensi" and "Deeks" are a couple on NCIS: LA, but the stars are actually in-laws in real life.