• 'Little House on the Prairie' turns 50 years old
  • The former cast members reunite for the occasion
  • She of all people is missing from the reunion

The first season of 'Little House on the Prairie' was broadcast in 1974. To mark its 50th anniversary, there will soon be a celebration for the legendary series. The event will take place at the end of March in the USA, and will be reminiscent of the popular show and offers fans the opportunity to meet the former actors. The entire cast will be there... almost.

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Melissa Sue Anderson: That's why she will be missing from the anniversary celebration

In addition to former leading actors such as Melissa Gilbert (59) and Karen Grassle (82), some of the supporting cast will also be attending the event. However, a glance at the guest list reveals that one actress from the cast is unfortunately missing: Melissa Sue Anderson (61). But why isn't the "Mary" actress going to be there?

Melissa Sue Anderson in June 2022

Anderson's relationship with the rest of the cast is no longer too good, which is why she has decided not to take part in the reunion. The actress reportedly already had problems with her co-stars on set and isolated herself, as some of them have since revealed. It seems not everything was as perfect as the series portrayed on the set of 'Little House on the Prairie'.

Unfortunately, the hope of the entire living cast reuniting will not come to fruition this time. One thing is for sure: fans will definitely be looking forward to their series favorites making an appearance without Melissa Sue Anderson.

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