• The next NCIS season will air in the U.S. in the fall
  • There should also be a crossover in it
  • A character is in grave danger

Attention NCIS fans! Will you soon have to say goodbye to this popular character? The success of the US series has already produced several spinoffs: NCIS: L.A., NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Hawaii. It happened again and again that the individual series and their characters met in some episodes. 

So fans can also look forward to a new NCIS crossover in the upcoming season, as broadcaster CBS announced on Instagram. Agent "Nick Torres" travels to Hawaii to investigate alongside Agent "Jane Tennant". 

Does HE die in NCIS?

How exactly the latest season of NCIS will be structured is not yet known. However, fans fear this could be the final season for actor Wilmer Valderrama's role. 

Already in the last season, the dark side of agent "Torres" became noticeable. A behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram continues to fuel the rumor mill. There Valderrama speaks of a shootout. 

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Steven D. Binder, producer and writer of the series, revealed that the 20th season is "pretty dark" for "Torres". Learn more about what's to come ini the video above!