• The Star Wars movies are beloved by an army of fans
  • Even the Star Wars universe has movie mistakes
  • These are the biggest inconsistencies in Star Wars

In the battle between Trekkies and Star Wars fans, the Trekkies may have a point: "That isn't logical Mr. Lucas."

In the 1970s, George Lucas had a binder of backstories he wrote for the characters he was creating for Star Wars. After the smash success of that first film, Lucas planned to go even bigger than just a trilogy of films.

Annoying Story Problems in Star Wars, There Are

Using this old binder, he began to craft the Star Wars prequels in the mid-90s. Fans are still divided over how good the prequels are but some fans from both sides of the argument agree that there are some inconsistencies in the story being told when they go back and look at the original film, now dubbed A New Hope.

Mistakes In The 'Star Wars' Universe

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Considering how many Star Wars movies there are, it was only a matter of time before the first inconsistencies were noticed. Take a look at the video above to go through some of the paradoxes of the Star Wars franchise.