• Blue Bloods is the popular series starring Tom Selleck
  • The police TV show has millions of fans
  • But only true fans know THESE facts about Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods debuted on CBS in 2010, and it's been delivering season after season of great TV ever since.

The police series, about the "Reagan" family, is one of the most popular around today. But let's explore five facts you likely didn't know about Blue Bloods.

Blue Bloods: Secrets you likely didn't know!

5) Blue Bloods features three generations of "Reagans" in the New York City police force. But the cast's real ages don't quite match up!

In particular, it's father and son "Henry" and "Frank Reagan." Actor Len Cariou plays dad "Henry" despite being only five years older than Tom Selleck, who plays his son "Frank." Funny!

4) Blue Bloods is well-known for its "family dinner scene" in every episode. Though the scene is actually filmed in a different location...

Also interesting:

The scenes do show the exterior of a real home. It's located in the Bay Ridge neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York.

3) Blue Bloods fans are used to knowing the police commissioner as "Frank Reagan." But...

The real name of Tom Selleck's character is actually "Francis." The only character to ever call him that? His father "Henry."

More surprising facts about Blue Bloods

2) "Danny Reagan" had two sons, "Jack" and "Sean," with his wife "Linda." What you probably didn't know...

It is actually real-life brothers portraying "Jack" and "Sean." Andrew and Tony Terraciano play the parts!

1) Did you know? The iconic Blue Bloods family dinner scene was actually an idea from one of the show's stars...

None other than Tom Selleck! The "Frank Reagan" actor proposed the traditional scene as a way to maintain a "sense of family" in every episode.

And it just wouldn't be Blue Bloods without it. See pictures and more in the video above!