It was recently announced that the new James Bond movie is set to be released in April 2020, and that for the fifth -and possibly- last time, Daniel Craig will play the main role. But now the title of the 25th "007" film has been revealed!

No Time to Die is what the upcoming movie will officially be called. But what does that actually mean? The title has opened up about some debates and fans are already discussing a couple of theories in regards of the next James Bond film's plot.

Bond 25's title could be revealing some interesting details

The first theory that fans have been exploring is connected to the intense rivalry between "Bond" and "Blofeld" and the possibility of killing each other; the second one is that perhaps this time "James Bond" will actually die; and finally, some fans have simply interpreted the title as a way of describing "James Bond's" life as extremely busy: he clearly has to take care of a lot of stuff and doesn't have time for anything, not even for dying.

Whatever the meaning of the title is, we all have to agree on the fact that it is very revealing and somehow implies a change for the troubled action film.

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