• Joe Mantegna has starred on Criminal Minds since 2007
  • Not everyone knows about his voice acting work
  • He voices a famous recurring character on The Simpsons

These days, actor Joe Mantegna is probably recognized most for his role on TV's Criminal Minds. Mantegna has played "David Rossi" on the popular crime series since 2007. 

But did you know? The star actually made his mark in the cartoon world many years before Criminal Minds.

Since way back in 1991, Joe Mantegna has been the voice actor behind a recurring character on The Simpsons.

Joe Mantegna has been on The Simpsons for 30 years

Shortly after appearing in The Godfather III in 1990, Joe Mantegna began voicing the mobster "Fat Tony" on the legendary animated series.

"Fat Tony" first appeared in a season 3 episode of The Simpsons, and the writers have brought him back from time to time ever since.

Also interesting:

In total, Mantegna has voiced "Fat Tony" in nearly 40 episodes and in The Simpsons Movie.

Joe Mantegna is said to be adamant about voicing the character whenever he appears, no matter how small the part. 

After joining The Simpsons, the star has also lent his voice to Kim Possible and Rugrats, and the movie Cars 2...

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