• CSI: New York was a great show
  • It aired nine seasons until 2013
  • See the CSI: NY cast then and now in our video!

CSI: NY aired nine great seasons from 2004 to 2013. It was a spin-off in the CSI franchise and was actually introduced through a CSI: Miami episode. So, what ever happened to the stars?

Through The Years With The CSI: NY Actors

CSI: NY featured some proven on-screen talent, as well as some newcomers to the world of television. "Mac Taylor," the CSI boss, was played by veteran actor Gary Sinise, who was already well known for his roles in Forrest GumpUnexpected Miracles and Snake Eyes

"Mac," as played by actor Gary Sinise, led a stellar cast of characters through the dangerous underbelly of New York City. Where is the star now?

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Watch the video above to go through the years with the CSI: NY cast!